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ZiAura Southwest: where the seemingly barren desert flows with amazing color, texture and vibrance, enlivened by beautiful creatures that withstand the harshness of an incredible habitat.

Welcome to the Amazingly Inspirational SouthwestDesert Wildflowers

Hi, I'm Maria and I thank you for visiting my website. I'm a Utah photographer & artist who loves the incredible and inspiring landscapes, birds and wildlife of the southwest, particularly Utah and Arizona. I've lived here in this area my entire life, and I love to share it with you. If you have already met me at a festival or art market, thanks for stopping by! If not, please stop by and say hello when you're in the area!

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I photograph the things that fascinate me and I'm sure you'll be fascinated, too. There are so many amazing places to photograph in Utah, all inhabited by wonderfully amazing animals. I honestly didn't know so many amazing birds lived in this barren southwest desert until I began to photograph them. Truly, there are so many wonderful things to photograph here that it would take a lifetime to capture them all.

I want you to feel as though you're standing there yourself

As the first light of dawn strikes the Vermilion Cliffs...
Or the last ray of sunset disappears behind the prickly cactus...
When the snow-capped peaks of Pine Valley glow in the early morning light...
And the brilliant red desert below bursts forth with spring wildflowers...

A fantastic landscape of desert color and beauty

Whether it be the stunning cliffs of Zion or whimsical formations of Bryce; Mohave Desert Joshua trees or sub-alpine forests of Cedar Breaks; the barren yet diverse Great Basin, or the most amazing Grand Canyon on earth... Southern Utah and the surrounding area is an amazingly diverse place and I'm convinced that in southwest fine art photography, there's always a surprise around the corner!

Let's go on a photographic journey in the beautiful southwest...


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